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Select a server

Before you begin

  1. You must configure WLDF instrumentation to use the ElapsedTimeAction diagnostic action attached to "Around" diagnostic monitors. Only data from the ElapsedTimeAction action is displayed on the Diagnostics Request Performance page. For information, see Creating Request Performance Data.
  2. If necessary, Start the Console.
  3. In the Domain Structure pane of the WebLogic Server Administration Console, expand Diagnostics, and then choose Request Performance.

The Diagnostics Request Performance page displays instrumented methods available for a single server at a time.

To select a server:

  1. In the Diagnostics Request Performance page, select the server from the Servers drop-down list.
  2. Click Reload.

    The metrics for the selected server are displayed. If, however, the selected server is not running (is currently shut down), the drop-down list reverts back to the previously selected server.

After you finish

Select a time interval for obtaining request data

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