Color Palette Editor dialog

Use this dialog to select a color for the worksheet component that you are editing. For example, you might want to select the text color for a worksheet item.

For more information, see:

"How to change the format of worksheet items"

This dialog is also displayed as:
Plot Area Color dialog
Series Color dialog

Available Colors

Use this pane to select a color from the default set of colors available in Discoverer. To select a color, click once on a color button and click OK.

Custom Colors

Use this pane to select a custom color that you might have created by clicking Edit Custom Color. To select a custom color, click once on a color button and click OK. To create a custom color, select a color button and click Edit Custom Color to display the "Color Chooser dialog".

Edit Custom Color

Use this button to display the "Color Chooser dialog", which enables you create a custom color.

This button is only active if you have first selected one of the buttons in the Custom Colors pane above.


Use this button to remove the graph's current plot area color and make the plot area transparent.

Note: This button is only available when you edit the color of the plot area on a graph (that is, on the Plot Area Color dialog).


  • The tooltip for color buttons shows the red, blue, and green (RGB) value for a color (for more information about RGB values, see "Color Chooser dialog").