New Scheduled Workbook Results dialog

Use this dialog to see the scheduled workbook results sets that are ready to use. This dialog appears when workbooks that you have scheduled have been processed since you last connected to Discoverer. For example, if you start Discoverer in the morning, scheduled workbooks that you have access to that have been processed overnight are ready to use.

Note: Click the Don't show this window again check box when you do not want to display this dialog in future.

For more information, see:

"What are scheduled workbooks?"

"When to use scheduled workbooks"

"About how scheduled workbooks are processed"

New scheduled workbook results have been generated

Use this list to see which scheduled workbook results sets are ready to use and to select scheduled workbook results sets to open.

Don't show this window again

Use this check box when you do not want Discoverer to inform you about new scheduled workbooks that are ready to use.

Scheduling Manager

Use this button to display the "Scheduling Manager dialog", where you manage scheduled workbooks. For example, you can open, edit, delete, and schedule workbooks that you have created.


Use this button to open the currently selected scheduled workbook.