Stoplight colors dialog

Use this dialog to change the default colors that categorize worksheet values as unacceptable, acceptable, and desirable in the current worksheet. For example, you might want to change the color for the acceptable category from the default color (that is, yellow) to blue. Discoverer applies colors that you specify to all existing and new stoplight formats in the current worksheet.

Note: If you are editing default Discoverer options (that is, you chose Tools | Options and displayed the Formats tab) you use this dialog to specify the default stoplight colors for new stoplight formats that you create in any workbook.

For more information, see:

"What is conditional formatting?"

"Notes on using conditional formats and stoplight formats"

What colors should be used to identify Stoplight Data?

Use these fields to specify the color of values in the unacceptable, acceptable, and desirable categories. Click a color button next to a category to display a color palette for that category and select a color.