Share Workbooks dialog: User -> Workbook tab

Use this dialog to share multiple workbooks with a single database user (or role) in one operation. For example, you might have created several workbooks for analyzing sales and want to give a single Discoverer user access to all of the workbooks.

You can also use this dialog to see the workbooks that Discoverer users have access to.

Note: To give many Discoverer users access to a single workbook in one operation, use the "How to share the currently open workbook with other Discoverer users".

For more information, see:

"What are workbooks?"

"About sharing workbooks and security"


Use this drop down list to specify the database user or database role you want to access the workbooks.

Note: Database users are represented by a person icon. Database roles are represented by a mask icon. For more information about selecting database users (or roles), see "About sharing workbooks".

Select User...

Use this button to display the "Select User dialog", which enables you to search for and select a user or role.


This area enables you to select workbooks to share.

  • Available

    Use this list to specify the workbooks you want to give the selected user or role access to. To give the user access to a particular workbook, move the workbook from the Available list to the Shared list.

    Note: You can select multiple workbooks by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking another workbook.

  • Shared

    Use this list to see the workbooks the selected user or role has access to. To revoke access to a particular workbook, move the workbook from the Shared list back to the Available list.

Note: Scheduled workbooks have a clock icon in front of the workbook name. If you share a scheduled workbook, you share all scheduled workbook results sets produced by that scheduled workbook. For more information, see "What are scheduled workbooks?".


This field displays additional information about the currently selected workbook, which was entered using the "Workbook Properties dialog". Use this information to help you decide which workbook you want to share. This area is blank if no description is available.

Hint: To add or edit the description, update the workbook properties (for more information, see "How to view and update a workbook's properties").