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New Features for Oracle BI Metadata Repository Builders

1 Introduction to Building Your Metadata Repository

2 Before You Begin

3 Setting Up and Using the Multiuser Development Environment

4 Importing Metadata and Working with Data Sources

5 Working with ADF Business Component Data Sources

6 Setting Up Database Objects and Connection Pools

7 Working with Physical Tables, Cubes, and Joins

8 Working with Logical Tables, Joins, and Columns

9 Working with Logical Dimensions

10 Managing Logical Table Sources (Mappings)

11 Creating and Maintaining the Presentation Layer

12 Creating and Persisting Aggregates for Oracle BI Server Queries

13 Applying Data Access Security to Repository Objects

14 Completing Oracle BI Repository Setup

15 Setting Up Data Sources on Linux and UNIX

16 Managing Oracle BI Repository Files

17 Using Expression Builder and Other Utilities

18 Using Variables in the Oracle BI Repository

A Managing the Repository Lifecycle in a Multiuser Development Environment

B MUD Case Study: Eden Corporation

C Logical SQL Reference

D Merge Rules

E Deleting Unwanted Objects from the Repository

F Administration Tool Keyboard Shortcuts