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New Features for Oracle Business Intelligence System Administrators

Part I Administering Oracle Business Intelligence

1 Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence System Administration

2 Managing Oracle Business Intelligence

3 Configuring the Oracle Business Intelligence System

Part II Managing Processes and Components

4 Starting and Stopping Oracle Business Intelligence

Part III Scaling and Deploying for High Availability and Performance

5 Scaling Your Deployment

6 Deploying Oracle Business Intelligence for High Availability

7 Managing Performance Tuning and Query Caching

Part IV Resolving Issues

8 Diagnosing and Resolving Issues in Oracle Business Intelligence

9 Managing Usage Tracking

Part V Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence

10 Configuring Repositories

11 Configuring Connections to External Systems

12 Configuring Presentation Setting Defaults

13 Configuring Mapping and Spatial Information

14 Configuring Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management

15 Configuring Time Zones

16 Localizing Oracle Business Intelligence

17 Configuring Currency Options

18 Configuring and Managing the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog

Part VI Advanced Configuration Settings

19 Configuring and Managing Analyses and Dashboards

20 Configuring and Managing Agents

21 Configuring Advanced Options for Mapping and Spatial Information

22 Customizing the Oracle BI Web User Interface

23 Configuring Resource Availability and URL Generation

Part VII Configuring Oracle BI Scheduler

24 Introducing Oracle BI Scheduler

25 Configuration Tasks for Oracle BI Scheduler

26 Using Oracle BI Scheduler Job Manager

27 Programming BI Scheduler VBScript and JScript Jobs

28 Programming BI Scheduler Java Jobs

29 Oracle BI Scheduler Job Manager Menus

Part VIII Automating Management of Oracle Business Intelligence

30 Introducing the Oracle BI Systems Management API

Part IX Managing the Life Cycle

31 Patching Oracle Business Intelligence Systems

32 Moving to a New Environment

33 Moving From a Test to a Production Environment

34 Backup and Recovery of Oracle Business Intelligence Systems

Part X Reference Information

A NQSConfig.INI File Configuration Settings

B Exchanging Metadata with Databases to Enhance Query Performance

C Managing Security for Dashboards and Analyses

D Setting Up the SA System Subject Area

E Advanced Configuration Reference

F Propagating Labels and Tooltips from Oracle ADF Data Sources

G Mapping User Interface Labels with Configuration File Elements

H Manually Updating Fusion Middleware Control Settings