9 Using Discoverer Data in Applications

You can use Discoverer worksheets and data in Oracle BI EE and in other applications as follows:

9.1 Exposing Discoverer Worksheets in Applications

You can expose Discoverer worksheets for use in third-party client applications, using Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Web Services API (Application Programming Interface). A third-party client application can use the Discoverer Web Services API to programmatically obtain Discoverer connections, workbooks, and worksheets; to execute worksheet queries; and to display worksheet content.

For information, see Oracle Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Web Services API.

9.2 Converting Discoverer Metadata to Use in Oracle BI EE

You can convert Discoverer metadata into a format that can be used in Oracle BI EE by running the metadata conversion assistant tool. The metadata conversion assistant tool is a command line utility that accelerates the migration of Discoverer metadata from the End User Layer (EUL) to Oracle BI EE. The command line utility takes a Discoverer EEX export file, and generates an RPD file that can be used in Oracle BI EE.

Note: This utility migrates only Discoverer metadata and only for relational data sources.

For more information about how to migrate Discoverer EUL metadata to Oracle BI EE (including documentation resources and downloads), see Oracle Technology Network at: