New Features for Oracle Business Intelligence Developers

This chapter describes changes to integration features for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Release 1 (11.1.1).

This preface contains the following topics:

New Features

New features in Oracle Business Intelligence include:

Web Services

Oracle Business Intelligence includes the following new Web services:

New methods and structures were added to the existing Web services.

See for more information, see Part I, "Using Oracle BI EE Web Services".

Action Framework

The Action Framework provides functionality for creating, managing, and invoking actions. Actions can be included within analyses, dashboards, agents, KPIs, and Scorecard objectives. Actions provide functionality to navigate to related content and invoke operations, functions, or processes in external systems.

The Action Framework must be configured to enable the Actions functionality in Oracle BI Presentation Services. See Part II, "Configuring the Action Framework" for more information.

Oracle Business Intelligence Server XML API

Oracle Business Intelligence now provides utilities to create a generic, XML-based representation of the Oracle Business Intelligence repository metadata. You can use these utilities for programmatic metadata generation and manipulation, metadata migration, metadata patching, and other functions. See Part IV, "Using the Oracle BI Server XML API" for more information.

Upgrade Considerations

The following list identifies various items that you need to be aware of if your site has upgraded from Oracle Business Intelligence 10g to Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Release 1 (11.1.1):

System Requirements and Certification

Refer to the system requirements and certification documentation for information about hardware and software requirements, platforms, databases, and other information. Both of these documents are available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

The system requirements document covers information such as hardware and software requirements, minimum disk space and memory requirements, and required system libraries, packages, or patches:

The certification document covers supported installation types, platforms, operating systems, databases, JDKs, and third-party products: