E User and Role API Provider for Oracle Identity Manager

Oracle Identity Manager is integrated with Oracle SOA for execution of approval workflows. For this integration between Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle SOA to work, Oracle SOA workflow engine needs to access identity information present in Oracle Identity Manager. This identity information includes users, roles, and membership details. SOA workflow engine relies on User and Role API to access this identity information from Oracle Identity Manager.

User and Role API are part of Oracle Fusion Middleware security infrastructure. User and Role API framework allows applications to access identity (users and roles) information regardless of the particular underlying identity repository. The underlying identity store can be an LDAP directory server such as Oracle Internet Directory, or can be a database, flat file, or some other custom repository.

See Also:

"The User and Role API" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Security Guide for information about User and Role API

Oracle Identity Manager provides a preconfigured User and Role API provider called OIMDB provider. This provider allows SOA workflow engine to access identity information from Oracle Identity Manager. OIMDB provider works in the backend and does not require any administration.