12 Oracle WebCenter

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle WebCenter. It includes the following topic:

12.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issues and workarounds. It includes the following topics:

12.1.1 Using Oracle WebLogic Communications Server

Oracle WebLogic Communications Server (OWLCS) is provided as a sample for development only. It should not be used for production deployments.

12.1.2 Using Jive Forums Documentation

Oracle WebCenter Discussions (Jive Forums) is an optional component of Oracle WebCenter. Complete documentation for Jive Forums is included for reference. However, Jive software installations and upgrades outside of the WebCenter product installation are not supported.

12.1.3 Using the Rich Text Portlet

At runtime, if you encounter a null pointer exception while trying to customize or refresh the content of a Rich Text Portlet, reload the page, and then customize or refresh your portlet.

12.1.4 Expanding/Collapsing Folders in the All Saved Searches Task Flow (Accessibility Issue)

When using only the keyboard in WebCenter Spaces, you cannot expand or collapse folders in the All Saved Searches task flow. To work around this issue, view the saved searches using the Search main view task flow for personal saved searches, or the Search group main view task flow for group space-specific saved searches.

12.1.5 Clearing Customizations Stored in MDS

In Oracle JDeveloper, choosing Clean Runtime MDS Customizations from the Application menu does not clear the customizations made at runtime that are stored in the MetaData Services (MDS). You can delete customizations by either manually deleting them from the configured directory or by using JDeveloper.

To clear these customizations by using JDeveloper:

  1. In the Application Navigator, click the Application Menu icon next to your application's name and select Application Properties.

  2. In the Application Properties dialog, expand the Run node in the left pane, then select MDS.

  3. In the right pane, under Run: MDS, select Delete customizations before each run. Doing so clears the MDS of any runtime customizations every time you run the application. To save the runtime customizations every time you run the application, select Preserve customizations across application runs.

12.1.6 Navigating in the Documents Tab in Internet Explorer 7 (Accessibility Issue)

When using only the keyboard in WebCenter Spaces in Internet Explorer 7, cursor position is not highlighted for certain buttons in the Documents tab and the Document List Viewer task flow in page edit mode. Although the cursor position indicator is not shown, the cursor focus for the button objects is correct. To work around this issue, use Internet Explorer 8 or any other supported browser like Safari 4.x or Firefox 3.x.

12.1.7 Troubleshooting Service Provisioning Issues

When you create a group space, an error similar to the following might be seen if provisioning a service exceeds the time allowed:

Group space created with the following warnings:

Issues were faced while provisioning the services.
Errors were encountered for the following services - Discussions and Announcements. Check if these services have been configured correctly.

When a group space is created, services are provisioned in parallel in multiple threads. If provisioning a service exceeds the specified timeout, the thread is interrupted. The timeout may be exceeded due to time needed to copy the metadata when the latency between the midtier and the database is too high, network issues, database performance issues, and so on.

To check if the issue is due to exceeding the timeout, search the log file for a message similar to the following:

<Nov 3, 2009 4:44:06 PM GMT> <Warning> <oracle.webcenter.webcenterapp> <BEA-000000> <Concurr: The thread is timed out in 10000 milisec. 
for oracle.webcenter.collab.forum:Execution timedout
queued :     12 ms
suspended :    0 ms
running : 5842 ms
timeout : 5000 ms
service : oracle.webcenter.community
resource : oracle.webcenter.collab.forum
source : oracle.webcenter.concurrent.RunnableTask@23268a92 (oracle.webcenter.concurrent.RunnableTask) submission : 15>

<Nov 3, 2009 4:44:06 PM GMT> <Warning> <oracle.webcenter.webcenterapp> <BEA-000000> <Concurr: The thread is timed out in 5000 milisec. 
for oracle.webcenter.collab.announcement:Execution timedout
queued :   37 ms
suspended :    0 ms
running : 5875 ms
timeout : 5000 ms
service : oracle.webcenter.community
resource : oracle.webcenter.collab.announcement
source : oracle.webcenter.concurrent.RunnableTask@37538945 (oracle.webcenter.concurrent.RunnableTask) submission : 18>

<Nov 3, 2009 4:44:06 PM GMT> <Warning> <oracle.webcenter.collab.forum.internal.jive.CategoryTaxanomyCreator> <BEA-000000>
 <java.io.InterruptedIOException: Operation interrupted

In this case, the running time of 5875 ms exceeded the timeout of 5000 ms. The root cause of the timeout should be addressed; for example, resolve networking or database performance issues.

The networking issues could be resolved by incresing the TCP/IP timeout value.To change the timeout values, log in as a root user and execute the following command:

ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_time_wait_interval 480000 (default value is 60000)

Restart the Administration and Managed Servers. Once this is done, the group space can be created again and the error will not be encountered. If the performance cannot be improved and the error persists, the timeout value may be increased for the service encountering the error. For more information, see Section A.5.5, "Configuring Concurrency Management."

12.1.8 Installing Oracle SES

To install Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (Oracle SES):

  1. Install Oracle SES

    For information about how to install Oracle SES, refer to the Oracle Secure Enterprise Online Documentation Library 10g Release 1 ( available here on OTN:


  2. Install the Oracle SES patch set.

    To do this, download patch 7514463 from http://support.oracle.com.

  3. Install the Oracle SES Oracle Database Connector patch set.

    To do this, download patch 9022819 from http://support.oracle.com.

12.1.9 Setting Up IMP Connections to Microsoft OCS

When setting up an Instant Messaging and Presence (IMP) connection to Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS), the connection wizard only shows the base.connection.url and domain parameters as mandatory. However, the userDomain and ocsServer parameters also are mandatory.

12.1.10 Crawling WebCenter Spaces with SES over an HTTPS Connection

If you configure Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) to crawl WebCenter Spaces over an HTTPS connection using BASIC authentication, you must apply patch 6690355 to the SES home. Patch 6690355 is for Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J), which is a standalone installation of OC4J within the SES home. As indicated in the README file for patch 6690355, if you have not also installed patch 5912518, you must apply it first before applying patch 6690355.

To apply both patches:

  1. Download patch 5912518 and 6690355 from http://support.oracle.com.

  2. From your Oracle Secure Enterprise Search home, navigate to $ORACLE_HOME and run the following commands:

    bin/searchctl stop
    cd oc4j 
    setenv ORACLE_HOME <current-working-directory> 
    unzip p5912518_111000_GENERIC.zip
    unzip p6690355_101340_GENERIC.zip
    cd 6690355
    $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch apply -jdk ../../jdk -jre ../../jdk/jre
    cd .. 
    setenv ORACLE_HOME <current-working-directory>
    bin/searchctl start

12.1.11 Running Oracle WebCenter with Microsoft ActiveDirectory

When running Oracle WebCenter with a Microsoft ActiveDirectory identity store, ClassCastExceptions may arise. To work around this issue, you must apply patch 9039508. You can download the patch from http://support.oracle.com.