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Part I Oracle Enterprise Repository Connectors

1 Configuring an Artifact Store

2 ClearCase Integration

3 Harvest-HTTP Repository Host Integration

4 Serena ChangeMan Integration

Part II Oracle Enterprise Repository Integration with Runtime Monitoring Tools

5 Enterprise Manager Integration Utility

6 Integration with Amberpoint

Part III Oracle Enterprise Repository Integration with Development Environments

7 Integration with Development Environments

8 Configuring Oracle Enterprise Repository to Support Integration with Your IDE

9 Configuring Your IDE to Support Integration with Oracle Enterprise Repository

10 Using the IDE to Interact with Oracle Enterprise Repository

Part IV Developing Custom Integrations

11 Repository Extensibility Framework

12 ArtifactStore API

13 AcceptableValueLists API

14 Asset API

15 AssetType API

16 Categorization Types and Categorizations API

17 CMF Entry Type API

18 Custom Access Settings API

19 Department API

20 Extraction API

21 Localization of REX Clients

22 Notification API

23 Policy API

24 Projects API

25 Relationship Types API

26 Role API

27 Subscriptions API

28 System Settings API

29 User API

30 Vendor API