A Output Directories Generated by SmartUpgrade

This appendix describes the output directories generated when you upgrade an application using SmartUpgrade.

By default, SmartUpgrade saves the generated artifacts to a series of directories on disk. If you are using Oracle JDeveloper, then the directories are relative to the project directory. If you are using the command-line interface, they are relative to the directory where you are running the command-line interface.

More specifically:

Figure A-1 illustrates the organization of the output files on disk.

Table A-1 provides a description and purpose of the key directories that are generated.

Table A-2 describes the output directories specific to Web services artifact generation.

Figure A-1 Output Directories for Generated Artifacts

Description of Figure A-1 follows
Description of "Figure A-1 Output Directories for Generated Artifacts"

Table A-1 Summary of the SmartUpgrade Output Directories

Directory Description


This directory contains the archive that represents the final output of the SmartUpgrade tool.

In the case of the root directory (in the app_name_ear.d directory), it represents the complete archive that contains all the SmartUpgrade-generated artifacts.


This directory contains the class files used to compile and generate the artifacts.


This directory contains the source files used to compile and generate the artifacts.


This is a directory used to stage the subcomponents of the application before archiving the entire application into the final directory within the root directory.


This directory contains static artifacts , such as data-source configuration files that are generated by SmartUpgrade.

Table A-2 Summary of the Output Directories Specific to Web Services

Directory Description When is it created or overwritten?


This folder contains the final, upgraded, and deployable Web services application.

The application is expanded on disk, as well as in the form of a packaged enterprise archive file.

This directory gets overwritten and recreated each time you run SmartUpgrade with the options for generating Web services artifacts.

Specifically, the directory is overwritten if you regenerate the artifacts using the Regenerate option on the SmartUpgrade Report context menu or if you use the continue command-line argument.

The directory is recreated by merging the content of the exploded and intermediate directories.


This directory contains the upgraded Web services artifacts and glue code that are not yet packaged in the final deployable application archive.

It contains intermediate information only for Web service artifacts.

This directory gets overwritten and recreated each time you run SmartUpgrade when it is configured to generate Web services glue code.

You can prevent SmartUpgrade from overwriting this directory by enabling the option to skip the generation of glue code. Then you can make additional changes by hand to the generated code.


This directory contains the original, input application archive, as-is, exploded on disk, with no changes.

This directory gets overwritten and is recreated each time you run SmartUpgrade when it is configured to generate a source upgrade plan.