Asset/Compliance Template/Policy Migration


Migration refers to the transfer of metadata and files from one asset, compliance template, or policy to another, usually of the same Type. Since it is easier to edit metadata than to recreate it, this function allows users to quickly create different versions of assets or compliance templates. For example, in order to create JavaComponent v1.0, one would migrate the metadata and files from JavaComponent v0.90, then make the necessary changes in the metadata for the v1.0 asset. When migrating an asset the new asset must have a different name, version number, or both. Migration does NOT remove the original asset from the Oracle Enterprise Repository .

It is also possible to migrate an artifact to a different type. However differing metadata elements will not transfer. For example, if the originating Type uses a table on one of its tabs and is migrated to a Type that does not have the same table element, the table and its metadata will not migrate. The table metadata element would have to be created in the new Type.

Migrating an Asset/Compliance Template/Policy

This procedure is performed in the Asset Editor.