5 Deinstalling Oracle Discoverer Desktop

This chapter describes how to remove Oracle Discoverer Desktop.

You should always use the instructions provided in this chapter for removing the software. If you try to remove the software manually, you may experience problems when you try to reinstall the software again at a later time. Following the procedures in this chapter will ensure that the software is properly removed.

5.1 Deinstallation Instructions

To remove Oracle Discoverer Desktop from your system, start the deinstaller by going to the Start menu and selecting All Programs > Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Admin - Home 1 > Uninstall Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Admin.

Follow the instructions in Table 5-1 to remove Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Discoverer Administrator.

If you need additional help with any of the deinstallation screens, refer to Appendix D, "Oracle Discoverer Desktop Deinstallation Screens" or click Help to access the online help.

Table 5-1 Deinstallation Screens

No. Screen Description and Action Required


Welcome Screen

Click Next to continue.


Deinstall Oracle Home Screen

Verify the Oracle home you are about to deinstall.

Click Deinstall to continue.

On the Warning screen, select whether or not you want the deinstaller to remove the Oracle home directory in addition to removing the software.

Click Yes to have the deinstaller remove the software and Oracle home, No to remove only the software, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

If you select No, go to Section 5.2, "Manually Removing the Oracle Home Directory" for instructions on how to manually remove your Oracle home directory.


Deinstallation Progress Screen

This screen shows the progress and status of the deinstallation.


Deinstallation Complete Screen

Click Finish to dismiss the screen.

5.2 Manually Removing the Oracle Home Directory

If you selected No on the warning screen during deinstallation, you must manually remove your Oracle home directory and any sub-directories.

For example, if your Oracle home directory was C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1, use a file manager window and navigate to the C:\Oracle\Middleware directory, then right-click on the as_1 folder and select Delete.