49 Configuring an XML Project

This chapter describes the various components that you must configure to use an XML project.

This chapter includes the following section:

For information on how to configure TopLink project options common to two or more project types, see Chapter 117, "Configuring a Project".

Table 49-1 lists the configurable options for object XML projects.

49.1 Introduction to XML Project Configuration

Table 49-1 lists the configurable options for XML projects.

Table 49-1 Configurable Options for XML Projects

Option to Configure Oracle JDeveloper
TopLink Workbench Java

Project save location (see Section 117.2, "Configuring Project Save Location")

Unsupported Supported Unsupported

Project classpath (see Section 117.3, "Configuring Project Classpath")

Unsupported Supported Unsupported

Project comments (see Section 117.14, "Configuring Project Comments")

Supported Supported Unsupported

Method or direct field access (see Section 117.4, "Configuring Method or Direct Field Access at the Project Level")

Supported Supported Unsupported

Project deployment XML options (see Section 117.8, "Configuring Project Deployment XML Options")

Unsupported Supported Unsupported

XML parser platform (see Section, "Configuring XML Parser Platform")

Unsupported Unsupported Supported

Importing an XML schema (see Section 5.6.3, "How to Import an XML Schema")

Supported Supported Unsupported.

XML schema namespace (see Section 5.6.5, "How to Configure XML Schema Namespace")

Supported Supported Supported

Model Java source code options (see Section 117.9, "Configuring Model Java Source Code Options")

Supported Supported Unsupported

Default descriptor advanced properties (see Section 117.6, "Configuring Default Descriptor Advanced Properties")

Supported Supported Unsupported

For more information, see Chapter 47, "Introduction to XML Projects".