1 Introduction and Roadmap

This chapter describes the contents and organization of this guide—Using Web Server 1.1 Plug-Ins with Oracle WebLogic Server.

Document Scope and Audience

This document explains use of plug-ins provided for proxying requests to third party administration servers. This document is intended mainly for system administrators who manage the Oracle WebLogic Server application platform and its various subsystems.

Guide to this Document

This chapter introduces the organization of this guide. The guide is organized as follows:

Related Documentation

This document contains information on using Web server plug-ins.

For general information about the available Oracle WebLogic Server documentation, see Information Roadmap for Oracle WebLogic Server .

New and Changed Features in This Release

The version 1.1 plug-ins described in this document are new in this release.

For a comprehensive listing of the other new Oracle WebLogic Server features introduced in this release, see What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server.