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Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications Security Guide

Part Number E14846-01
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authorization process for Oracle EBS, 2.6.1
authorization process for PeopleSoft, 2.7.1


business group org-based security
for Oracle EBS, 2.6.5
for Oracle EBS, about,
for Oracle EBS, implementing,
Business Unit-Based security, 2.8.6


CME Dashboards,
CME Responsibilities,
Communications, Media, and Energy Analytics
security settings,,
company org-based security
PeopleSoft, 2.7.3
PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.3
PeopleSoft HR, 2.7.3
creating users, 2.1.3


Data Security Groups
about, 2.2.5
list of, 2.2.5
data-level security
about, 2.1.2
authorization for Oracle EBS, 2.6.1
authorization for PeopleSoft, 2.7.1
detailed description, 2.2
how to implement, 2.2.2
initialization blocks for, 2.2.4
integrating for Oracle EBS, 2.6
integrating for PeopleSoft, 2.7
integrating for Siebel CRM, 2.8
overview, 2.2.1


employee-based security
for Oracle EBS, about, 2.6.8
Oracle EBS, 2.6.8
PeopleSoft, 2.7.10, 2.7.10
extending BI Applications security model, 2.5


list of supported security groups, 2.2.1
using security group hierarchy, 2.1.3
using security groups, 2.1.3


Healthcare Analytics
security settings,
HR org-based security
for Oracle EBS, 2.6.6
for Oracle EBS, about,
for Oracle EBS, how to implement,
Oracle EBS, 2.6.6
PeopleSoft, 2.7.5
PeopleSoft HR, 2.7.5
HR Personnel Data Analyst Security
for PeopleSoft HR, 2.7.9
HR Personnel Data Analyst security
for Oracle EBS, 2.6.7
HR personnel security
Oracle EBS, 2.6.7
PeopleSoft, 2.7.9


initialization blocks
data-level security, 2.2.4
Insurance Analytics family of products
security settings,
inventory org-based security
for Oracle EBS, 2.6.3
how to implement,
Oracle EBS, 2.6.3


JD Edwards
how to check user responsibilities, 2.1.4
integrating security, 2.9
LDAP security, 2.9.1
security integration, 2.9
user and object security, 2.9.2
using with LDAP, 2.9.1


integration for user and object security, 2.9.3
using with BE-EE and JD Edwards, 2.9.1
ledger-based security
for Oracle EBS, 2.6.4
for Oracle EBS, about,
for Oracle EBS, how to implement,
Oracle EBS, 2.6.4
PeopleSoft, 2.7.4
PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.4


object level security, repository groups, 2.3
object-level security, 2.3.2
reloading, 2.1.5
metadata object level security, 2.3.1
repository groups, 2.3.1


object-level security
about, 2.1.2
list of Repository Parent Groups, 2.3.1
metadata, 2.3.1, 2.3.2
Presentation Services groups, 2.3.2
Presentation Services objects, 2.3.2
operating unit-based security
for Oracle EBS, how to implement,
Oracle EBS,
PeopleSoft, 2.7.2
operating unit-based security for Oracle EBS, 2.6.2
Oracle BI
Administration Tool, 2.1.1
Administration Tool, how to view permissions, 2.2.3
Presentation Services Administration, 2.1.1
repository groups, 2.3
Server metadata, reloading, 2.1.5
Oracle BI EE
using with LDAP, 2.9.1
Oracle EBS
about operating unit-based security,
authorization process, 2.6.1
business group org-based security, 2.6.5
business group org-based security, about,
employee-based security, about, 2.6.8
how to implement inventory org-based security,
how to implement ledger-based security,
how to implement operating unit-based security,
HR org-based security, 2.6.6
HR org-based security, about,
HR org-based security, how to implement,
HR Personnel Data Analyst security, 2.6.7
implementing business group org-based security,
integrating data security, 2.6
inventory org-based security, 2.6.3
inventory org-based security, about,
ledger-based security, 2.6.4
ledger-based security, about,
operating unit-based security, 2.6.2
Oracle Pharma Sales Analytics applications
security settings,
Oracle's Siebel Industry Applications
CME security settings,
consumer sector security settings,
Oracle Pharma Sales Analytics security settings,
Oracle's Siebel Financial Services security settings,


Partner Analytics
about security settings, 2.8.3
payables org-based security
PeopleSoft, 2.7.6
PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.6
authorization process for, 2.7.1
employee-based security, 2.7.10
PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications
integrating security with, 2.7
PeopleSoft Financials
company org-based security, 2.7.3
ledger-based security, 2.7.4
payables org-based security, 2.7.6
receivables org-based security, 2.7.7
unit-based security for, 2.7.2
PeopleSoft HR
company org-based security, 2.7.3
HR org-based security, 2.7.5
HR Personnel Data Analyst Security, 2.7.9
viewing in Oracle BI Administration Tool, 2.2.3
Pharma Sales Analytics
security settings,
Presentation Services groups
object-level security, 2.3.2
Primary Employee/Position Hierarchy-Based Security Group,
Primary Owner-Based Security
about, 2.8.5
Primary Position-Based Security
Siebel CRM,
PRM Analytics
data-level visibility,
portal-based analytics dashboard mapping,
subject area mapping,
subject area visibility,


receivables org-based security
PeopleSoft, 2.7.7
PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.7
Oracle BI Server metadata, 2.1.5
repository groups, 2.3.1
Repository Parent Groups, 2.3.1
Responsibilities and Dashboards
for Usage Accelerator Analytics, 2.8.4


adding a user responsibility, 2.1.5
Business Unit-Based, 2.8.6
CME security settings,
Communications, Media, and Energy Analytics,
consumer sector security settings,
Data Security Groups, 2.2.5
data-level security, about, 2.2.1
data-level security, implementing, 2.2.2
employee/position based security, about, 2.8.1
example security groups, 2.1.3
for Usage Accelerator Analytics, 2.8.4
groups, 2.1.3, 2.2.5
list of supported groups, 2.2.1
Primary Employee/Position Hierarchy-Based,
integrating data security with Oracle EBS, 2.6
integrating data security with Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications, 2.7
integrating Oracle BI EE with Oracle BI Applications, 2.1.1
integration with JD Edwards, 2.9
metadata object level security (repository groups), about, 2.3, 2.3.1
Oracle Financial Analytics settings,
Oracle Pharma Sales Analytics security settings,
Partner Analytics, 2.8.3, 2.8.3
Primary Owner-Based Security, 2.8.5
primary position based security for CRM applications, about, 2.8.2
process for extending model, 2.5
security group hierarchy, 2.1.3
security groups, 2.1.3
tools for configuring, 2.1.1
data-level, 2.1.2
object-level, 2.1.2
user-level, 2.1.2
types of security, about, 2.1
types, about, 2.1.2
Usage Accelerator Analytics, 2.8.4
user responsibilities, checking, 2.1.4
security groups
examples, 2.1.3
using, 2.1.3
security model
extending BI Applications security model, 2.5
setID-based security
PeopleSoft, 2.7.8
PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.8
PeopleSoft HR, 2.7.8
PeopleSoft HR and PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.8
Siebel CRM
Primary Position-Based Security,
Siebel CRM Applications
integrating data security, 2.8


for configuring security, 2.1.1
Oracle BI Administration Tool, 2.1.1
Oracle BI Presentation Services Administration, 2.1.1


unit-based security
for PeopleSoft Financials, 2.7.2
Usage Accelerator Analytics
Responsibilities and Dashboards, 2.8.4
security settings, 2.8.4
settings, 2.8.4
user responsibilities
how to add, 2.1.5
how to check, 2.1.4, 2.1.4
how to check in JD Edwards, 2.1.4
registering new user, 2.1.5
user-level security
about, 2.1.2, 2.4
how to set up, 2.4
where to create, 2.1.3


viewing permissions, 2.2.3