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Oracle® Access Manager Upgrade Guide
10g (

Part Number E12495-01
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What's New in Oracle Access Manager?

Part I Introduction

1 Introduction to Oracle Access Manager Upgrades and Planning

2 Upgrade Concepts, Strategies, and Methods

3 About Automated Processes and Manual Tasks

4 System Behavior and Backward Compatibility

Part II Upgrading the Schema and Data

5 Preparing for Schema and Data Upgrades

6 Upgrading Identity System Schema and Data In Place

7 Upgrading Access System Schema and Data In Place

Part III Upgrading Components

8 Preparing Components for the Upgrade

9 Upgrading Remaining Identity System Components In Place

10 Upgrading Access System Components In Place

11 Upgrading Integration Components and an Independently Installed SDK

Part IV Upgrading Your Customizations

12 Upgrading Your Identity System Customizations

13 Upgrading Your Access System Customizations

Part V Validating the Upgrade

14 Validating the Entire System Upgrade

Part VI Upgrading Using the Zero Downtime Upgrade Method

15 Introduction to the Zero Downtime Upgrade Method

16 Upgrading the Schema, Data, and Clone System

17 Upgrading the Original System

Part VII Appendixes

A Oracle Access Manager Directory Structure Changes

B Migrating from a Solaris Platform to a Linux Platform While Upgrading

C Upgrade Process and Utilities

D Manual Schema and Data Upgrades

E Upgrading Sun Web Server Version 4 to Version 6 on Windows 2000

F Planning and Tracking Summaries

G Troubleshooting the Upgrade Process