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Preparing to Install Oracle SALT

Preparing to Install Oracle SALT
The following sections provide information on the preparations you need to know before installing Oracle SALT:
Oracle SALT provides a native Web service stack for Tuxedo. It enables you to integrate Web service applications and Tuxedo applications via the SOAP/WS-* protocol or by using SCA. Oracle SALT is a separate product that must be installed on top of Tuxedo.
Oracle SALT software is distributed as an installer file which can be executed on Windows or UNIX platforms using any of the following three methods:
Oracle SALT 11g Release 1 ( distribution contains the following key components:
Oracle SALT components are installed directly in the Oracle Tuxedo TUXDIR directory.
System Requirements
Oracle Tuxedo
A supported version of Oracle Tuxedo must be installed before you can install SALT. If SALT 11g Release 1 ( is installed over a Tuxedo server installation, then you have the choice of installing the SALT Client and Server, the SALT Client, Server, and server-side Sample Applications, or the SALT Client only.
If the Tuxedo client platform is installed, then only the SALT 11g Release 1 ( client components are available for installation.
Regardless of which SALT package is installed, there are additional sample applications available on the Oracle Technology Network showcasing server-side and client-side capabilities of the SALT Service Component Architecture software.
Supported Platforms
Please refer to Appendix A, ?$paratext[AppHead]>,? for Oracle SALT 11g Release 1 ( supported Oracle Tuxedo platform list.
WSDL Converter Requirement
Oracle SALT provides a WSDL converter, wsdlcvt, for external Web service support. wsdlcvt is a command utility that require using the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Java Runtime Environment 1.5 and 1.6 are certified for wsdlcvt. For more information, see wsdlcvt in the Oracle SALT Command Reference.
Upgrade Consideration
If you have a previous SALT release installed, it must be uninstalled before installing SALT 11g Release 1 ( SALT 11g Release 1 ( cannot co-exist with a previous SALT installation on the same Oracle Tuxedo installation.
SALT 11g Release 1 ( provides utilities to help you migrate from SALT 1.1 or SALT 2.0. For more information, see “Migrating from a Previous Oracle Application in the Oracle SALT Administration Guide.
Oracle SALT Installation Program
The Oracle SALT software is distributed as an installation program for Windows or UNIX systems. The Oracle SALT installation program supports three installation methods. You can use any of these methods to install the Oracle SALT product software:
Oracle SALT Web Distribution
An evaluation copy of Oracle SALT is available for download from the Oracle corporate Web site at: for production customers and for developers.
SALT 11g Release 1 ( does not require a license for installation.
For Oracle Customer Support contact information, go to:
Platform-specific installer files for the Oracle SALT product software are available for download from the Oracle corporate Web site.
What’s Next?
You are now ready to begin your installation. For more information, see:

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