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Table of Contents

Oracle SALT Overview
Understanding Oracle SALT
Understanding Oracle SALT Web Services
What Are Web Services?
Why Use Oracle SALT?
Understanding the Oracle SALT SCA Container
Oracle SALT Release History
Release 1.1
Release 2.0
Release 10g R3 (10.3)
Release 11g R1 (
Python and Ruby support
SCA Structure support
Scatuxgen Metadata Generation Tool
WS-TX Support
Oracle SALT Components
Oracle SALT Gateway (GWWS)
WSDL Assistant Utilities
SCA Container APIs and Utilities
Oracle SALT Use Cases
Use Case 1: Exposing Native Tuxedo Services as Web Services
Use Case 2: Invoking Web Services from Tuxedo Applications
Use Case 3: Connecting Tuxedo Domains Using SOAP Protocol
Use Case 4: SCA to SCA Communication
Use Case 5: SCA Components Calling an Existing Tuxedo Service
Use Case 6: Tuxedo ATMI Calling SCA Components
Configuring Web Services with Oracle SALT
Invoking Tuxedo Services Using Web Service Client Toolkits
Invoking Web Services Using Tuxedo Programming Interfaces
Oracle SALT Supported Standards
SOAP Standards
SCA and SDO Standards
What’s Next?

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