3 Known Issues

This chapter lists issues that are known to exist in JRockit Mission Control Client.

The known issues are described in the following sections:

3.1 Issue with Menu Items in the Flight Recorder View On Linux

On Linux, a problem may occur with the context menu in the Flight Recorder Control View. Some menu items such as "Start Flight Recording..." may not function properly. No dialog box will be opened when you select the menu item and an exception will also be logged.

This problem occur only when you have already opened the Flight Recorder Control view and then right click on a connection in the JVM Browser to select menu items in the Flight Recorder Control view. The Flight Recorder Control view that was opened earlier seems to break so that the context menu is not usable anymore. Note that this problem does not occur on Windows.


Close the Flight Recorder Control View and then open it again. It can be opened by one of the following two methods:

  • Select Window > Show View > Flight Recorder Control

  • Right click on a JVM connection in the JVM Browser and select the menu item "Show Recordings". The menu items in the context menu will work again.

3.2 Issues while Using Large Fonts in Flight Recorder View

If the font size is specified as 200%, and the screen resolution is smaller than 1680 x 1050, the scrollbars in the Memory > Overview tab of Flight Recorder fails to display all data.

The texts in the Event Graph of the Flight Recorder can also overlap if the font size is 200%. The texts in both the time stamps (columns) and the thread names (rows) might overlap.


Increase the screen resolution.

3.3 NullPointerException Occurs when the JVM Fails

If you have started a Flight Recording on a JVM and if the JVM fails, you may get an error message as follows:

"An internal error occurred during: "My Recording".java.lang.NullPointerException"

You can view the stack trace for the NullPointerException in the console log.

3.4 The Internal Help Browser Fails due to Proxy Settings

A proxy-related issue may cause the internal help browser to fail.


Use the external help browser by changing the preferences. Select Window > Preferences and then select Help. In the Open help contents drop down list, select In an external browser.

3.5 The Option to Set Help Context does Not Work on Linux

The option to set help context dialogs are missing on some Linux platforms.

3.6 Issue with Latency Data in Flight Recorder

When investigating a flight recording of a limited time period you may see events that have a duration that is longer than the recording itself.

All events that end within the selected time period are presented for the investigated recording. The longer events that end within this limited time period might have started before the recording.


To avoid this issue, make sure that no other flight recording is active when you start your recording.

3.7 MBean Exposure

The JRockit JDK exposes Mbeans under the oracle.jrockit.management domain, accessible through the Management Console.

3.8 JRockit Mission Control Crashes When Using Chinese Locale on Solaris 10

Running Java GUI applications using Chinese locale (zh_CN.UTF-8) on 64-bit Solaris 10 Update 2 and later might fail with a core dump. See the Sun bug 6901233 at http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6901233.


Apply the relevant Solaris 10 patches listed at the end of the Sun bug report. If the installation of Oracle JRockit Mission Control or Oracle JRockit Real Time fails in GUI mode, consider using console mode (-mode=console) as a workaround.

3.9 Strings Generated from Server-Side Metadata Not Translated

Some strings, such as attribute metadata shown in the trigger wizard of the JRockit Management Console, are generated on the server. Such information will not be localized by JRockit Mission Control.

3.10 GUI Strings Might be Truncated on Linux

On Linux the Pango library is typically used to layout and render text. Versions older than 1.14.9-3 might, in some cases, truncate GUI strings.

If the version of libpng (the PNG reference library) is older than 12.so.0.44.0, you might see truncated titles on JRockit Mission Control Client.

3.11 Linux Welcome Page Might be Blank Without Mozilla Path

For some Linux configurations, you might need to set up the library path and Mozilla home in the environment variables for the Help and Welcome pages to show properly. Set:

export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib64/firefox-xxx 

3.12 JRockit Mission Control Client Not Supported With X-Win32

You should not use X-Win32 to hook up to a JRockit Mission Control client running on Linux. A problem with SWT over X-Win32 renders scrollbars inoperable.

3.13 Some RCP Strings Are Not Localized

Some strings will not be localized in the GUI. This will mainly affect framework strings from the Rich Client Platform, such as the Close, Close All and Exit strings.


Download the localization pack for Eclipse for the desired language from the Babel project on the Eclipse home page:


Unpack the language pack in your missioncontrol folder and restart JRockit Mission Control.

3.14 JVM Crashes With Older Versions of libpango when Exiting Mission Control

On Linux systems, if you are using libpango versions earlier than 1.14, you might encounter JVM crashes when closing JRockit Mission Control.


Upgrade to libpango version 1.1.4 or later.

3.15 Visible Columns Not Always Available on Flight Recorder Context Menu

If your first context click (right click) is on the table header, the menu command Visible Columns will be unavailable for that particular table as long as the recording is open. If your first context click is on a table row, this issue will not occur on that particular table until you close the recording.


This issue is only a problem when your first action on the table is to right click the table column while, at the same time, trying to change the column's visibility. If you click in the table or left click at the column headers, it will work as designed.