1 About Profiling and Performance Tuning

This document describes the tuning techniques and options you can use to ensure your implementation of this JVM performs to maximum capabilities.

Tuning the Oracle JRockit JVM to achieve optimal application performance is a critical requirement for using this product. A poorly tuned JVM can result in slow transactions, long latencies, system freezes, and even system crashes.

Tuning is done as part of the system startup, by using various combinations of the start-up options described in Oracle JRockit Command-Line Reference.

The Oracle JRockit JDK provides the necessary tools to monitor your application at run time. When tuned correctly according to the recommendations in this document, the JVM runs smoothly and provides timely results. If run-time monitoring indicates problems, use the recommendations in this document to better tune the JVM.

This document contains information about the following topics: