Interface Summary
IFlightRecorderService This is the interface for the JRockit Flight Recorder controller.
IRecordingDescriptor Interface that describe a JRockit Flight Recorder recording.

Class Summary
EventTemplate This class represents a server side event setting template.
EventTypeMetadata Provides information about an event type.
EventTypeSetting Contains the current settings for an event type.
FlightRecorderToolkit Helper methods to facilitate the use of the IFlightRecorderService.
IRecordingDescriptor.RecordingState Defines the possible states a recording can be in.
OptionMetadata Provides metadata about an option.
RecordingOptionsBuilder Builder to help build recording options.
RecordingOptionsValidator This class validates recording settings.
RecordingSettingsBuilder This builder is used to build the settings required to change event type settings in the Flight Recorder.

Exception Summary
FlightRecorderException Exception thrown when IFlightRecorderService operations fail.

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