This package contains everything related to the subscription of values.


Interface Summary
IAttributeInfo This interface represents the core functionality of an attribute info.
IAttributeInfoListener A listener interface to get notifications that the information available through an IAttributeInfoService has changed.
IAttributeInfoService Manages IAttributeInfos and meta data associated with IAttributeInfos.
IAttributeSubscription Interface for all attribute subscriptions.
IAttributeValueListener Interface for classes that want to subscribe on changes in an attributes value.
IMBeanHelperService Little helper service to provide simple access to commonly used functionality when handling MBeans.
ISubscriptionService The service from which to create and destroy subscriptions
IUpdatePolicy The interface specifying an update police for IAttributeSubscriptions.

Class Summary
AttributeDescriptor Simple data class representing the fully qualified name for an attribute, i.e. the ObjectName of the MBean that contains the attribute, and the name of the attribute.
AttributeInfoToolkit Helper class for extracting some commonly used meta-data attributes from the IAttributeInfoService.
AttributeValue Data carrier mainly used by the subscription engine.
AttributeValueEvent The class encapsulating event data from a JRockit.
PolicyFactory Factory for commonly used subscription update policies.

Package Description

This package contains everything related to the subscription of values. Since the definition of what is subscribable is wider than just JMX attributes, the metadata used to define what to subscribe is not only AttributeName, but rather IAttributeInfo. To receive the IAttributeInfo related to a certain AttributeName, the AttributeInfo Manager can be used.

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