Package com.jrockit.memleak.util

Interface Summary
IClassInfoHolder An interface for anything holding a IClassInfo.
IDummy Marker interface used to designate implementations that doesn't provide real state from an underlying model, but merely exist to avoid passing and checking for null everywhere.
IInfoCacheControl Cache control for caching IObjectInfos and IClassInfos.
IMethodInfoHolder An interface for anything holding an IMethodInfo.
IModifyOnce An interface that may optionally be implemented by classes returned from a IMemleakValueFactory, for setting properties that were not known at creation time.
INamedTypeHolder An interface for anything holding a INamedType.
IObjectInfoHolder An interface for anything holding an IObjectInfo.

Class Summary
DelegatingValueFactory A value factory merely delegating to another implementation of IMemleakValueFactory.
DummyClassInfo Dummy implementation of IClassInfo.
DummyObjectInfo Dummy implementation of IObjectInfo.
LimitCache<T> Experimental to handle caching of data that depend on some limit and may change over time.
MemLeakAdapter Adapter to simplify implementation of IMemLeak.
Present<V> Trivial Future wrapper for a value.
TypeResolverAdapter<T> Adapter to be able to implement just the supported functionality and allow future extensions to the ITypeResolver interface.
TypeSpecifierHelper Helper for ITypeSpecifier functionality.

Enum Summary
ValueProperty An enum of properties in value objects that may be set if not set already.

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