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Oracle® JRockit Introduction
Release R28

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6 Setting Up and Running the Oracle JRockit JDK

This chapter describes the process of setting up the Oracle JRockit JDK environment.

It contains the following topics:

6.1 Installing the Oracle JRockit JDK

The JRockit JDK is included in several Oracle products, for example Oracle JRockit Mission Control, Oracle JRockit Real Time and Oracle WebLogic Server. So the JRockit JDK is installed when you install those products. For more information, see the installation guide for your specific Oracle product.

6.2 Setting Up and Verifying Your Windows Environment

Several environment variables control the operation of the JRockit JVM on Windows. For these environment variables to work, the PATH environment variable must point to the directory of your Java installation:

set PATH=java_installation_directory\bin;%PATH%

6.3 Setting Up and Verifying Your Linux Environment

Keep your Linux environment up to date and ensure that you have a release supported by Oracle when running the JRockit JDK.

For the list of Linux releases against which the JRockit JDK has been tested, see Oracle JRockit JDK Supported Configurations at

The following is the correct path for Linux installations:

export PATH=java_installation_directory/bin:$PATH

Verify Whether the glibc Library is Installed for Linux on IA32

When running the JRockit JVM on Linux IA32, the JVM must be configured to use the glibc library compiled for the i686 architecture; otherwise, the JRockit JVM might freeze or crash.

Verify which glibc library is installed by running the following command:

rpm -q --queryformat '\n%{NAME} %{VERSION} %{RELEASE} %{ARCH}\n' glibc

Verify That the /proc File System is Mounted When Running in a chroot(3) Environment

In some Linux versions, the /proc file system is not mounted when running in a chroot(3) environment. This might cause the JRockit JVM to become unstable or crash, because the JVM and some Linux libraries must access information about the hardware platform from the /proc file system.

To verify that the /proc file system is mounted, run the shell command getconf _NPROCESSORS_CONF from the command line in your chroot(3) environment. If the command does not return the correct number of processors in your system, you must mount the /proc file system before running the JRockit JVM.

6.4 Setting Up and Verifying Your Solaris Environment

The following is the correct path for Solaris installations:

export PATH=java_installation_directory/bin:$PATH

Note that Oracle JRockit JDK R28.x is supported for Solaris only on 64-bit SPARC systems.