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Oracle® JRockit Flight Recorder Run Time Guide
Release R28

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5 Troubleshooting and Security

This chapter describes JRockit Flight Recorder troubleshooting and security measures.

It includes these sections:

5.1 Troubleshooting

You can enable a significant amount of diagnostic information from JRockit Flight Recorder by starting the Oracle JRockit JVM with the command-line option -Xverbose:jfr. To include more information, use -Xverbose:jfr=debug and -Xverbose:jfr=trace. For more information on -Xverbose, see the Oracle JRockit Command Line Reference on the Oracle Technology Network.

5.2 Security

The recording file can potentially contain security information (such as user names and passwords, if they are specified on the command line). You should treat them with care.

You can only start a recording by using one of the following means: the command line, diagnostic commands, or JRockit Mission Control. These methods provide security as described in Table 5-1:

Table 5-1 Security Permissions

Method Security

Command line

Anyone with access to the command line of the JRockit process must be trusted.

Diagnostic Command

Only the owner of the JRockit process can use jrcmd to control the process.

JRockit Mission Control Client

JRockit Mission Control Client uses JMX to access JRockit. .