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Creating Email Marketing Templates

If you commonly use information such as your company logo, your company address, and boilerplate text, in marketing emails, you should create templates that include this information. Authors can then save time by opening these templates and using them as a starting point for marketing emails, rather than entering all the standard elements manually every time they create a new email.

Your template can be a basic text message or a stylized HTML message.

There are two ways to create Email Marketing templates:

  • You can create a document that will serve as an email template using any HTML tool or text editor. After creating the source document, you upload it to the Email Marketing On Demand library, where authors can access it. For more information, see Managing Email Marketing Libraries.
  • You can create the document that will serve as the email template using the Email Marketing HTML editor in the same way that authors create marketing emails; see Creating Marketing Emails. The email content is automatically saved in the library as a reusable template. Its name in the library is the name of the campaign from which it was created.

For example, if you have a monthly Email Marketing campaign, the author may create a campaign named March 2008, and the email for that campaign is saved in the library with the name March 2008. Then, when the author creates the April 2008 campaign, the author can open March 2008 as a template and modify it to create the marketing email for April.

Published: 05 March 2008