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Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction

2 Installing Oracle Coherence for Java

3 Understanding Configuration

4 Building Your First Coherence Application

Part II Using Data Clusters

5 Cluster Services Overview

6 Understanding TCMP

7 Setting Single Server Mode

8 Dynamically Managing Cluster Membership

9 Using Network Filters

Part III Using Caches

10 Introduction to Caches

11 Configuring Caches

12 Implementing Storage and Backing Maps

13 Read-Through, Write-Through, Write-Behind, and Refresh-Ahead Caching

14 Serialization Paged Cache

15 Cache Configurations by Example

Part IV Using the Programming API

16 Serializing Objects

17 Using Portable Object Format

18 Pre-Loading the Cache

19 Using Cache Events

20 Querying Data In a Cache

21 Using Continuous Query Caching

22 Processing Data In a Cache

23 Managing Map Operations with Triggers

24 Using Coherence Query Language

25 Performing Transactions

26 Data Affinity

27 Priority Tasks

28 Specifying a Custom Eviction Policy

29 Constraints on Re-entrant Calls

30 Securing Coherence

Part V Deploying Coherence Applications

31 Deploying Coherence

32 Platform-Specific Deployment Considerations

33 Production Checklist

Part VI Managing Coherence

34 How to Manage Coherence Using JMX

35 JMX Reporter

36 How to Create a Custom Report

37 How to Modify Report Batch

38 Analyzing Reporter Content

39 How to Run a Report on Demand

40 Configuring Custom MBeans

41 How to Manage Custom MBeans Within the Cluster

Part VII Tuning Coherence

42 Evaluating Performance and Scalability

43 Performing a Multicast Connectivity Test

44 Performing a Datagram Test for Network Performance

45 Performance Tuning

46 Using the Service Guardian

47 Using Quorum

48 Scaling Out Your Data Grid Aggregations Linearly

A Operational Configuration Elements

B Cache Configuration Elements

C Command Line Overrides

D POF User Type Configuration Elements

E Coherence MBeans Reference

F The PIF-POF Binary Format

G Log Message Glossary