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Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction

2 Installing a Client Distribution

3 Setting Up Coherence*Extend

4 Building Your First Extend Client

5 Securing Coherence*Extend

6 Best Practices for Coherence*Extend

Part II Creating Java Extend Clients

Part III Creating C++ Extend Clients

7 Setting Up C++ Application Builds

8 Configuration and Usage for C++ Clients

9 Understanding the Coherence for C++ API

10 Using the Coherence C++ Object Model

11 Building Integration Objects for C++ Clients

12 Perform Continuous Query for C++ Clients

13 Query the Cache for C++ Clients

14 Remote Invocation Service for C++ Clients

15 Deliver Events for Changes as they Occur (C++)

16 Performing Transactions for C++ Clients

17 Sample Applications for C++ Clients

Part IV Creating .NET Extend Clients

18 Configuration and Usage for .NET Clients

19 Using the Coherence .NET Client Library

20 Building Integration Objects for .NET Clients

21 Continuous Query Cache for .NET Clients

22 Remote Invocation Service for .NET Clients

23 Using Network Filters for .NET Clients

24 Performing Transactions for .NET Clients

25 Managing ASP.NET Session State

26 Sample Windows Forms Application for .NET Clients

27 Sample Web Application for .NET Clients