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NullFilter Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/NullFilter.hpp>

Inherits Object, Filter, and PortableObject.

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Detailed Description

Filter which discards null references.
gm 2008.07.28

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle  Handle
  NullFilter Handle definition.
typedef spec::View  View
  NullFilter View definition.
typedef spec::Holder  Holder
  NullFilter Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool  evaluate (Object::View v) const
  Apply the test to the object.
v  the object to test
true if the test passes, false otherwise

virtual void  readExternal (PofReader::Handle hIn)
virtual void  writeExternal (PofWriter::Handle hOut) const

Protected Member Functions

  NullFilter ()
  Default constructor (for PortableObject).
  NullFilter (const NullFilter &that)
  Copy constructor.

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