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EntryExtractor Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/extractor/EntryExtractor.hpp>

Inherits AbstractExtractor, and PortableObject.

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Detailed Description

The EntryExtractor is a base abstract class for special purpose custom ValueExtractor implementations.

It allows them to extract a desired value using all available information on the corresponding QueryMap.Entry object and is intended to be used in advanced custom scenarios, when application code needs to look at both key and value at the same time or can make some very specific assumptions regarding to the implementation details of the underlying Entry object.

nsa 2008.08.07

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle  Handle
  EntryExtractor Handle definition.
typedef spec::View  View
  EntryExtractor View definition.
typedef spec::Holder  Holder
  EntryExtractor Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual void  readExternal (PofReader::Handle hIn)
virtual void  writeExternal (PofWriter::Handle hOut) const

Protected Member Functions

  EntryExtractor ()
  Default constructor (for backward compatibility).
  EntryExtractor (int32_t nTarget)
  Construct an EntryExtractor based on the entry extraction target.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EntryExtractor ( int32_t  nTarget  )  [protected]

Construct an EntryExtractor based on the entry extraction target.

nTarget  one of the VALUE or KEY values
Coherence 3.5

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