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PriorityProcessor Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/processor/PriorityProcessor.hpp>

Inherits AbstractPriorityTask, InvocableMap::EntryProcessor, and PortableObject.

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Detailed Description

PriorityProcessor is used to explicitly control the scheduling priority and timeouts for execution of EntryProcessor-based methods.
tb 2008.05.23

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle  Handle
  PriorityProcessor Handle definition.
typedef spec::View  View
  PriorityProcessor View definition.
typedef spec::Holder  Holder
  PriorityProcessor Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual Object::Holder  process (InvocableMap::Entry::Handle hEntry) const
  Process a Map::Entry object.
hEntry  the Entry to process
the result of the processing, if any

virtual Map::View  processAll (Set::View vSetEntries) const
  Process a Set of InvocableMap::Entry objects.

This method is semantically equivalent to:

   Map::Handle hMapResults = HashMap::create();
   for (Iterator::Handle hIter = vSetEntries->iterator();
       iter->hasNext; )
       InvocableMap::Entry::Handle hEntry =
       hMapResults->put(hEntry->getKey(), process(hEntry));
   return hMapResults;
vSetEntries  a Set of InvocableMap::Entry objects to process
a Map containing the results of the processing, up to one entry for each InvocableMap::Entry that was processed, keyed by the keys of the Map that were processed, with a corresponding value being the result of the processing for each key

getProcessor () const
  Obtain the underlying processor.
virtual void  readExternal (PofReader::Handle hIn)
virtual void  writeExternal (PofWriter::Handle hOut) const
virtual void  toStream (std::ostream &out) const
  Output a human-readable description of this Object to the given stream.

coherence::lang::operator<<(std::ostream, Object::View) is defined and will call into the toStream method, to output Objects. If a managed String object is desired, the COH_TO_STRING macro can be used to build up a String from streamable contents.

 Object::View vKey   = ...
 Object::View vValue = ...
 std::cout << vKey << " = " << vValue << std::endl;

 String::Handle hs = COH_TO_STRING(vKey << " = " << vValue);
out  the stream used to output the description

Protected Member Functions

  PriorityProcessor ()
  Construct a PriorityProcessor.
  PriorityProcessor (InvocableMap::EntryProcessor::View vProcessor)
  Construct a PriorityProcessor.

Protected Attributes

< InvocableMap::EntryProcessor
  The underlying entry processor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PriorityProcessor (  )  [protected]

Construct a PriorityProcessor.

a new PriorityProcessor

PriorityProcessor ( InvocableMap::EntryProcessor::View  vProcessor  )  [protected]

Construct a PriorityProcessor.

processor  the processor wrapped by this PriorityProcessor

Member Function Documentation

virtual InvocableMap::EntryProcessor::View getProcessor (  )  const [virtual]

Obtain the underlying processor.

the processor wrapped by this PriorityProcessor

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