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AbstractPofPath Class Reference

#include <coherence/io/pof/reflect/AbstractPofPath.hpp>

Inherits Object, PofNavigator, and PortableObject.

Inherited by SimplePofPath.

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for static, path-based implementations of the PofNavigator interface.
as/gm 2009.03.01
Coherence 3.5

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle  Handle
  AbstractPofPath Handle definition.
typedef spec::View  View
  AbstractPofPath View definition.
typedef spec::Holder  Holder
  AbstractPofPath Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual PofValue::Handle  navigate (PofValue::Handle hValueOrigin) const
  Locate the PofValue designated by this PofNavigator within the passed PofValue.
hValueOrigin  the origin from which navigation starts
the resulting PofValue
PofNavigationException  if the navigation fails; for example one of the intermediate nodes in this path is a "terminal" PofValue.

Protected Member Functions

virtual Array
< int32_t >::View 
getPathElements () const =0
  Return a collection of path elements.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Array<int32_t>::View getPathElements (  )  const [protected, pure virtual]

Return a collection of path elements.

a collection of path elements

Implemented in SimplePofPath.

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