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RuntimeException Class Reference

#include <coherence/lang/RuntimeException.hpp>

Inherits Exception.

Inherited by PortableException, ArithmeticException, ClassCastException, IllegalArgumentException, IllegalStateException, IndexOutOfBoundsException, NoSuchElementException, NullPointerException, OutOfMemoryError, SecurityException, UnsupportedOperationException, and ConcurrentModificationException.

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Detailed Description

RuntimeException is the superclass for exceptions which are not normally handled by user code.

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle  Handle
  RuntimeException Handle definition.
typedef spec::View  View
  RuntimeException View definition.
typedef spec::Holder  Holder
  RuntimeException Holder definition.

Protected Member Functions

  RuntimeException (String::View vsMsg=String::NULL_STRING, Exception::View vCause=NULL)
  Create an RuntimeException.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RuntimeException ( String::View  vsMsg = String::NULL_STRING,
Exception::View  vCause = NULL  
) [protected]

Create an RuntimeException.

vsMsg  the detail message
vCause  the underlying cause of the exception
a new RuntimeException

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