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String::StringHandle Member List

This is the complete list of members for String::StringHandle, including all inherited members.
get() const TypedHandle [inline, protected]
identity_hasher typedef TypedHandle
m_o TypedHandle [protected]
o() const String::StringHandle [inline]
operator *() const TypedHandle [inline]
operator->() const TypedHandle [inline]
operator<(const TypedHandle< AT > &h) const TypedHandle [inline]
operator=(const TypedHandle< O > &that) String::StringHandle [inline]
operator=(const char *ach) String::StringHandle [inline]
operator=(const std::basic_string< C, R, A > &s) String::StringHandle [inline]
coherence::lang::TypedHandle::operator=(const TypedHandle< T > &h) TypedHandle [inline]
coherence::lang::TypedHandle::operator=(const TypedHandle< DT > &h) TypedHandle [inline]
performAction(Action nAction, T *po) TypedHandle [inline, protected]
S(const TypedHandle< O > &that) String::StringHandle [inline]
safeDestruct(Action nAction) TypedHandle [inline, protected]
set(T *o, const ChainedHandleElement &that) TypedHandle [inline, protected]
StringHandle() String::StringHandle [inline]
StringHandle(const char *ach) String::StringHandle [inline]
StringHandle(const wchar_t *ach) String::StringHandle [inline, explicit]
StringHandle(const std::basic_string< C, R, A > &s) String::StringHandle [inline]
StringHandle(const StringHandle &that) String::StringHandle [inline]
StringHandle(T *o) String::StringHandle [inline, explicit]
T() TypedHandle [inline]
T(T *po) TypedHandle [inline]
T(T *po, const ChainedHandleElement &that) TypedHandle [inline]
T(const TypedHandle< DT > &that) TypedHandle [inline]
T(const TypedHandle< T > &that) TypedHandle [inline]
value_compare typedef TypedHandle
value_equal typedef TypedHandle
value_hasher typedef TypedHandle
ValueType typedef TypedHandle
~() TypedHandle [inline]
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