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SubscriptHolder Class Template Reference

#include <coherence/lang/SubscriptHolder.hpp>

Inherits TypedHolder< T >.

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Detailed Description

template<class T, class ET, class IT = size32_t>
class coherence::lang::SubscriptHolder< T, ET, IT >

A TypedHolder implementation which supports automatic delegation of the subscript operator.
mf 2009.03.10

Public Member Functions

  SubscriptHolder ()
  Create an empty SubscriptHolder.
template<class DT>
  S (const TypedHandle< DT > &that)
  Create a new SubscriptHolder from the TypedHandle with a type conversion.
template<class DT>
  S (const TypedHolder< DT > &that)
  Create a new SubscriptHolder from the TypedHolder with a type conversion.
  SubscriptHolder (T *o)
  Create a new SubscriptHolder from the raw pointer.
  S (const SubscriptHolder< T, ET, IT > &that)
  The copy constructor.
ElementType &  operator[] (IT i) const
  The subscript operator.

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