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Oracle® Coherence Java API Reference

Class PofCollection

  extended by com.tangosol.util.Base
      extended by com.tangosol.util.BitHelper
          extended by com.tangosol.util.ExternalizableHelper
              extended by
                  extended by
                      extended by
                          extended by

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class PofCollection
extends PofArray

PofCollection is PofValue implementation for collections.

Coherence 3.5
as 2009.03.06

Field Summary


Fields inherited from class
m_nType, m_oValue


Constructor Summary
PofCollection(PofValue valueParent, ReadBuffer bufValue, PofContext ctx, int of, int nType, int ofChildren, int cElements)
          Construct a PofCollection instance wrapping the supplied buffer.


Method Summary


Methods inherited from class
findChildInternal, getLength


Methods inherited from class
extractChild, findChild, getChild, getChildrenIterator, getLastChildIndex, getUniformElementType, isUniformCollection, setUniformElementType, skipChild


Methods inherited from class
applyChanges, getChanges, getDirtyBytesCount, getOffset, getOriginalBuffer, getParent, getPofContext, getPropertyIndex, getRoot, getSerializedValue, getSize, getTypeId, getValue, getValue, getValue, getValueBuffer, incrementDirtyBytesCount, incrementDirtyValuesCount, isDirty, isRoot, isUniformEncoded, setDecorations, setDirty, setOriginalBuffer, setUniformEncoded, setValue


Methods inherited from class com.tangosol.util.BitHelper
countBits, countBits, countBits, indexOfLSB, indexOfLSB, indexOfLSB, indexOfMSB, indexOfMSB, indexOfMSB, rotateLeft, rotateLeft, rotateLeft, rotateRight, rotateRight, rotateRight, toBitString, toBitString, toBitString


Constructor Detail


public PofCollection(PofValue valueParent,
                     ReadBuffer bufValue,
                     PofContext ctx,
                     int of,
                     int nType,
                     int ofChildren,
                     int cElements)
Construct a PofCollection instance wrapping the supplied buffer.
valueParent - parent value within the POF stream
bufValue - buffer containing POF representation of this value
ctx - POF context to use when reading or writing properties
of - offset of this value from the beginning of POF stream
nType - POF type identifier for this value
ofChildren - offset of the first child element within this value
cElements - the size of this collection

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Oracle® Coherence Java API Reference


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