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Oracle® Coherence Java API Reference


Class BigDecimalSum

  extended by com.tangosol.util.Base
      extended by com.tangosol.util.BitHelper
          extended by com.tangosol.util.ExternalizableHelper
              extended by com.tangosol.util.aggregator.AbstractAggregator
                  extended by com.tangosol.util.aggregator.AbstractBigDecimalAggregator
                      extended by com.tangosol.util.aggregator.BigDecimalSum

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExternalizableLite, PortableObject, InvocableMap.EntryAggregator, InvocableMap.ParallelAwareAggregator,

public class BigDecimalSum
extends AbstractBigDecimalAggregator

Calculates an sum for values of any numberic type extracted from a set of entries in a Map in a form of a BigDecimal value. All the extracted objects will be treated as BigDecimal, BigInteger or Java double values. If the set of entries is empty, a null result is returned.

Coherence 3.2
gg 2006.07.18

Field Summary


Fields inherited from class com.tangosol.util.aggregator.AbstractBigDecimalAggregator
m_count, m_decResult


Fields inherited from class com.tangosol.util.aggregator.AbstractAggregator


Constructor Summary
          Default constructor (necessary for the ExternalizableLite interface).
BigDecimalSum(java.lang.String sMethod)
          Construct an BigDecimalSum object.
BigDecimalSum(ValueExtractor extractor)
          Construct a BigDecimalSum aggregator.


Method Summary
protected  void process(java.lang.Object o, boolean fFinal)
          Incorporate one aggregatable value into the result.


Methods inherited from class com.tangosol.util.aggregator.AbstractBigDecimalAggregator
ensureBigDecimal, finalizeResult, init


Methods inherited from class com.tangosol.util.aggregator.AbstractAggregator
aggregate, aggregateResults, equals, getParallelAggregator, getValueExtractor, hashCode, processEntry, readExternal, readExternal, toString, writeExternal, writeExternal


Methods inherited from class com.tangosol.util.BitHelper
countBits, countBits, countBits, indexOfLSB, indexOfLSB, indexOfLSB, indexOfMSB, indexOfMSB, indexOfMSB, rotateLeft, rotateLeft, rotateLeft, rotateRight, rotateRight, rotateRight, toBitString, toBitString, toBitString


Constructor Detail


public BigDecimalSum()
Default constructor (necessary for the ExternalizableLite interface).


public BigDecimalSum(ValueExtractor extractor)
Construct a BigDecimalSum aggregator.
extractor - the extractor that provides a value in the form of any Java object that is a Number


public BigDecimalSum(java.lang.String sMethod)
Construct an BigDecimalSum object.
sMethod - the name of the method that returns a value in the form of any Java object that is a Number

Method Detail


protected void process(java.lang.Object o,
                       boolean fFinal)
Incorporate one aggregatable value into the result. If the fFinal parameter is true, the given object is a partial result (returned by an individual parallel aggregator) that should be incorporated into the final result; otherwise, the object is a value extracted from an InvocableMap.Entry.
Specified by:
process in class AbstractAggregator
o - the value to incorporate into the aggregated result
fFinal - true to indicate that the given object is a partial result returned by a parallel aggregator

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Oracle® Coherence Java API Reference


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