Tag name: <dvt:shapeAttributesSet>

Use the shapeAttributesSet tag to wrap shapeAttributes tags for a graph or for a gauge. One shapeAttributes tag is required for each graph or gauge component that you want interactivity on, for example: TWODMARKER or INDICATOR.

Relationship with other tags

This component must be a child of one of the following components:

  • graph
  • areaGraph
  • barGraph
  • bubbleGraph
  • comboGraph
  • dualYBarGraph
  • dualYComboGraph
  • dualYLineGraph
  • funnelGraph
  • horizontalBarGraph
  • horizontalStackedBarGraph
  • pieGraph
  • paretoGraph
  • lineGraph
  • radarGraph
  • scatterGraph
  • stackedBarGraph
  • stockCandleGraph
  • stockGraph
  • gauge

The shapeAttributesSet tag can have the following child tag: shapeAttributes.


The following example shows the XML for two shapeAttributes tags that are enclosed in a shapeAttributesSet tag for a gauge.

         <dvt:shapeAttributes component="GAUGE_INDICATOR" clickable="true" clickListener="#{sampleGauge.processClick}" alt="#{sampleGauge.getALT}"/> 
         <dvt:shapeAttributes component="GAUGE_METRICLABEL" clickable="true" clickListener="#{sampleGauge.processClick}" alt="#{sampleGauge.getALT}"/> 


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component