Data/graph pane

Use this pane to edit the worksheet and graph (if displayed). For example, you might want to rearrange worksheet items, sort worksheet items, or create a worksheet title.

For more information, see:

"Getting started"

"Analyzing data"

"Sharing results with others"

"About editing worksheets"

"About Discoverer's drag and drop features"

You can edit the worksheet as follows:

  • to rearrange a worksheet item, click on the worksheet item heading and drag and drop the item to the required position

  • to drill into data, use drill icons (for more information, see "About drilling in Discoverer worksheets")

  • to display right-click options for a worksheet cell, right-click on the cell (for example, format a worksheet item, sort data, drill).

  • to display right-click options for a graph element, right click on the element (for example, edit the graph style or set the background color).

  • to display a different worksheet, click another tab at the bottom of the Data/graph area (if available)