Options dialog: Formats tab

Use this tab to change the default worksheet style that Discoverer uses for new worksheets. For example, you might want new worksheets or worksheet items to have blue headings and green text.

For more information, see:

"About Discoverer worksheet types"


Use this list to choose the worksheet element you want to change as follows:

Hint: You can also display the appropriate dialog by double-clicking the option you want to change.

Format Sample

This area shows you how the item looks on the worksheet, according to changes that you make.


Use this button to display the appropriate dialog where you edit the format options for the currently selected worksheet element (for example, heading, title).


Use this button to cancel any changes you have made and revert to the original default setting for the highlighted format option. The Reset button does not reset all format options.


  • Changing the default style does not affect existing worksheets.

  • Changing the default style does affect new items you add to existing worksheets.