21 Oracle WebCenter Performance Tuning

Oracle WebCenter Suite is the industry's only complete, open, and manageable portal platform that integrates Enterprise 2.0 capabilities into business processes and custom and packaged enterprise applications to create richer connections and deliver faster time-to-value. This section provides an overview of key Oracle WebCenter tuning concepts.

21.1 About Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g is an integrated suite of products used to create social applications, enterprise portals, communities, composite applications, and internet or intranet Web sites on a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA). The suite combines the development of rich internet applications, a multi-channel portal framework, and a suite of horizontal Enterprise 2.0 applications, which provide content, presence, and social networking capabilities to create a highly interactive user experience. Interacting with services such as instant messaging, blogs, wikis, RSS, tags, Voice over IP, discussion forums, activities and social networks directly within the context of a portal or an application improves user and group productivity and enhances the return on IT investments.Oracle WebCenter Spaces is an out-of-the-box WebCenter application that brings you the latest technology in terms of social networking, communication, collaboration, and personal productivity with no development effort. Through the robust set of integrated Web 2.0 services and applications provided by Oracle WebCenter Framework, Oracle WebCenter Composer and Business Dictionary, WebCenter Spaces enables you to deploy instant community portals, team sites and other collaborative applications. Oracle WebCenter Spaces provides three key capabilities within a single application: Personal Spaces, Business Role Pages and Group Spaces.

For more information about Oracle WebCenter, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle WebCenter.

21.2 Tuning WebCenter Application Configuration

If WebCenter performance becomes an issue, consider tuning the following configuration parameters:

  • HTTP Session Timeout

  • JSP Page Timeout

  • ADF Client State Token

  • MDS Cache Size and Purge Rate

  • Concurrency Management

  • CRUD APIs (Create, Read, Update and Delete)

These parameters can be modified using configuration files for Oracle WebCenter applications. The main configuration files are adf-config.xml, connections.xml and web.xml. For details on locating these files in a WebCenter application deployment, as well as when to configure these files and which tools to use, see "Tuning WebCenter Application Configuration" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter.

21.3 Tuning Environment Configurations

This section describes provides information on configuring JDBC data source and memory size.

This section contains the following sections:


The configuration examples and recommended settings described in this chapter are for illustrative purposes only. Consult your own use case scenarios to determine which configuration options can provide performance improvements.

21.3.1 JDBC Data Sources

WebCenter Spaces application uses two data sources: mds-SpacesDS and WebCenterDS.You can monitor you current JDBC connection usage in the WebLogic Server Administration Console. For more information, see "Configuring JDBC Data Sources" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuring and Managing JDBC for Oracle WebLogic Server.

21.3.2 Adjust Memory Size

If you have high loads on the system, for example you observe frequent garbage collection or 'out of memory' errors, you can increase the heap size and PermGen size as appropriate to your system's available physical memory.

See Tune Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) for more information on increasing heap size.

21.4 Tuning Back-End Component Configuration

Tuning information for back-end services, used by WebCenter applications, is documented in "Tuning Back-End Component Configuration" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter. Performance of back-end servers, for example, Worklists or Oracle Content Server, should be tuned as described in the related server documentation.

21.5 Tuning the Database

Tuning the database can greatly improve performance. Database tuning parameters are described in Section 2.6, "Tune Database Parameters". For more information on tuning the Oracle Database, see Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide.