7 Changes to Client/Server Deployment and Forms Runtime

This section contains the following:

7.1 Overview

Client/server runtime is obsolete in Forms Developer and Forms Services.

When you use Forms Developer, part of the upgrade process is to upgrade your Forms applications for Web-based deployment.

See Chapter 15, "Upgrading Client/Server Applications to the Web" for information about how client/server deployment differs from Web-based deployment.

7.2 Effect on Forms Development

The obsolescence of client/server deployment has little to no effect on the development and debugging of Forms applications. You can still run your code in Forms Developer without having to deploy on the Web first. Use the one-button-run facility, which renders a true WYSIWYG representation of a Web-deployed form.

The PL/SQL debugger has been improved to allow debugging in a three-tier environment.

7.3 Obsolete Forms Runtime Command Line Options

The following command line options for Runform have been removed because they relate to obsolete features:

  • OptimizeSQL

  • OptimizeTP

  • Keyin

  • Keyout

  • Output_file

  • Interactive

  • Block_menu

  • Statistics

7.4 Obsolete Character Mode Runtime

Character mode runtime, which was only available on UNIX and VMS platforms, is no longer available. All character mode support has been removed from Forms Developer and Forms Services. See Chapter 6, "Properties" and Chapter 9, "Logical and GUI Attributes" for more information.