5 Triggers

In order to streamline the tools available and simplify the development process for building Forms applications for the Web, triggers that are not applicable to Web deployment have been removed. In addition, the functionality of some triggers is being more strictly enforced.

5.1 Obsolete Triggers

Table 5-1 Obsolete Triggers

Obsolete Triggers Upgrade Notes


Applies only to OLE and OCX items. Therefore, no upgrade path or replacement functionality.

All V2-style triggers

When you open FMBs that contain V2-style triggers, the triggers are dropped and a warning message lists the names of the dropped triggers. You should recode V2-style triggers into PL/SQL in Forms 6i, before upgrading to this release.

When-Mouse-Move/When-Mouse-Enter/When-Mouse-Leave Triggers

These triggers are ignored when running on the Web due to the amount of network traffic that would be generated.

5.2 Stricter Enforcement of Triggers

The use of the following triggers is more strictly enforced. These triggers do not execute if they are used incorrectly.

Table 5-2 Triggers with Restricted Usage

Trigger Restricted Usage






Allowed at the Block and Form level only. No longer allowed at the Item level.


Allowed at the Form level only. No longer allowed at the Block and Item level.