11 Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ includes the following questions:

How do I get a Support ID?

To obtain a My Oracle Support account, go to the Oracle Support site, http://www.oracle.com/support/index.html, and click My Oracle Support Login or Oracle Metalink Login.On the My Oracle Support page, follow the instructions to register as a new user.

What is a Bug or CR?

A bug is a defect in the existing code or functionality not performing as documented. CR is the BEA-equivalent term for bug.

How can I get a fix to a bug? Can I get a patch for a bug?

Use the Smart Update tool to view, download, and apply available patches. If a patch is not available from Smart Update to fix your problem, open a case with My Oracle Support.

How do I obtain security advisory notifications?

Go to the Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts page, http://www.oracle.com/technology/deploy/security/alerts.htm to see an updated list of advisories and the recommended remedies or patches. You may also register at http://www.oracle.com/technology/deploy/security/securityemail.html to receive notification of security advisories.

What is a private patch?

Private patch is one that Oracle Support makes available to you as part of a custom maintenance solution, and is not generally available from the My Oracle Support Repository to all customers.

How do I get the ID for a private patch?

Oracle Support sends the patch ID and passcode to you through e-mail.

How do I download just a maintenance pack?

Maintenance packs are available individually for download to users with a valid maintenance contract. You can obtain a maintenance pack in either of the following ways:

  • Use the Maintenance Pack Update component of Smart Update to view and download a maintenance pack when it is available for the product. This is the recommended method.

  • Log in to the My Oracle Support Web site, http://www.oracle.com/support/index.html, and choose Patches & Updates from the menu bar. Select the Oracle product and the version and maintenance pack you want.

What products can I patch using the Smart Update tool?

See Products Supported by Smart Update Version 3.2.

Do I need a support contract to download patches from My Oracle Support?

You do need a support contract to obtain a My Oracle Support account. You can download patches and updates only if you have a My Oracle Support account.