B Troubleshooting Repository Creation Utility

This appendix describes solutions to common problems that you might encounter when running Repository Creation Utility (RCU). It contains the following sections:

B.1 General Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter an error during installation:

  • Read the Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes for the latest updates. The release notes are available with the platform-specific documentation. The most current version of the release notes is available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

  • Verify that your computer meets the requirements as specified in the system requirements and prerequisites document, which can be found on OTN:

  • Verify that your environment meets the certification requirements as specified in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Certification document, which can be found at the following location:

  • Make sure that your database is up and running.

  • If you entered incorrect information on one of the screens, use the navigation pane on the left hand side of the graphical interface to return to that screen.

  • If an error occurred while running RCU:

    1. Note the error and review the installation log files (see Section B.2, "RCU Log Files").

    2. Correct the issue that caused the error. Depending on the type of error, you may either continue with your RCU operation, or be forced to restart RCU.

    3. Continue or restart RCU to complete your desired operation.

B.2 RCU Log Files

The main RCU log file is written to the RCU_HOME/rcu/log/logdir.date_timestamp/rcu.log (on UNIX operating systems) or RCU_HOME\rcu\log\logdir.date_timestamp\rcu.log (on Windows operating systems) file. For example, in a UNIX system:


In addition to this general log file, each component writes a log file of its own. All component log files are also written to the RCU_HOME/rcu/log/logdir.date_timestamp (on UNIX operating systems) or RCU_HOME\rcu\log\logdir.date_timestamp (on Windows operating systems) directory.

Table B-1 lists the component log file names.

Table B-1 RCU Component Log File Names

Component Log File Name

Metadata Services


Audit Services


Oracle Internet Directory


Single Sign-On


SOA Infrastructure


Business Activity Monitoring


User Messaging


Oracle WebCenter


WebCenter Portlets


Oracle Content Server






B.3 Need More Help?

If this appendix does not solve the problem you encountered, try these other sources:

If you do not find a solution for your problem, open a service request.