This figure shows the Cluster Groups/Server tab. It contains three areas: Groups, Servers of group, and Applications of group. The Groups area is a list of the following groups: WLEvServer-1, WLEvServer-2, testgroup, AllDomainMembers. The testgroup Group is selected. The Servers of group area is titled Servers of group - testgroup. It contains a list of servers: WLEvServer-1 and WLEvServer-2. The Applications of group area is titled Applications of group - testgroup and is a table with columns Name, State, and Target. It contains one row with Name value helloworld, State value RUNNING, and Target value [testgroup, AllDomainMembers]. On the left there are two server nodes: WLEvServer-1 and WLEvServer-2. The WLEvServer-1 node is expanded to show Applications com.bea.wlevs.dataservices and helloworld. The WLEvServer-2 node is expanded to show com.bea.wlevs.dataservices, fx, and helloworld.