12 Oracle WebCenter

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle WebCenter. It includes the following topic:

12.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issue and workarounds. It includes the following topics:

12.1.1 Using Oracle WebLogic Communications Server

Oracle WebLogic Communications Server (OWLCS) is provided as a sample for development only. It should not be used for production deployments.

12.1.2 Using Jive Forums Documentation

Oracle WebCenter Discussions (Jive Forums) is an optional component of Oracle WebCenter. Complete documentation for Jive Forums is included for reference. However, Jive software installations and upgrades outside of the WebCenter product installation are not supported.

12.1.3 Using the Rich Text Portlet

At runtime, if you encounter a null pointer exception while trying to customize or refresh the content of a Rich Text Portlet, reload the page, and then customize or refresh your portlet.

12.1.4 Moving the Active Cursor When Launching a New Page (Accessibility Issue)

Upon selecting a link in a WebCenter Spaces application, the active cursor does not automatically move to the content area in new non-popup/popover pages that are launched. To work around this issue, you can manually tab over to the new content area.

12.1.5 Moving Favorites Into an Existing Folder (Accessibility Issue)

When using only the keyboard in WebCenter Spaces, you cannot move a favorite into an existing folder. To work around this issue, create a new, duplicate favorite within the existing folder, then delete the original favorite that exists outside the folder.

12.1.6 Selecting a Date in Your Personal Profile (Accessibility Issue)

When using only the keyboard in WebCenter Spaces, you cannot select a date from the date picker in the Message Board tab and the Feedback tab of your personal profile. To work around this issue, instead of using the date picker, type the date into the required field.

12.1.7 Expanding/Collapsing Folders in the All Saved Searches Task Flow (Accessibility Issue)

When using only the keyboard in WebCenter Spaces, you cannot expand or collapse folders in the All Saved Searches task flow. To work around this issue, view the saved searches using the Search main view task flow for personal saved searches, or the Search group main view task flow for group space-specific saved searches.

12.1.8 Adding RSS Feeds

When you click the RSS icon in a WebCenter Spaces application, if SSO is not configured, a Login dialog prompts for your user name and password. The user name that you enter must contain only ASCII characters.

12.1.9 Displaying Group Space Name in Activity Stream

After you migrate from Oracle WebCenter to Oracle WebCenter, you may initially see a group space GUID in Activity Stream in lieu of a group space name in WebCenter Spaces. This can occur when you configure an Activity Stream task flow instance and select to display activity from a group space that was migrated. You can work around this issue by generating some activity in that group space, like adding or removing a member. This refreshes the Activity Stream instance with the group space display name.

12.1.10 Clearing Customizations Stored in MDS

In JDeveloper, choosing Clean Runtime MDS Customizations from the Application menu does not clear customizations made at runtime that are stored in the MetaData Services (MDS). You can delete customizations by either manually deleting them from the configured directory or by using JDeveloper.

To clear these customizations by using JDeveloper:

  1. In the Application Navigator, click the Application Menu icon next to your application's name and select Application Properties.

  2. In the Application Properties dialog, expand the Run node in the left pane, then select MDS.

  3. In the right pane, under Run: MDS, select Delete customizations before each run. Doing so clears the MDS of any runtime customizations every time you run the application. To save the runtime customizations every time you run the application, select Preserve customizations across application runs.

12.1.11 Reapplying Profile Settings in WebCenter Spaces After Upgrading Oracle WebCenter

In WebCenter Spaces, profile settings set on the WebCenter Administration > Services > Profile screen are not retained when you upgrade from Oracle WebCenter to Oracle WebCenter After the upgrade, a WebCenter administrator must reapply the required profile settings on the WebCenter Administration > Services > People Connections > Profiles screen.

12.1.12 Handling Exceptions Reported for Custom WebCenter Applications

At runtime or when you deploy a custom WebCenter application to a Managed Server, diagnostic logs may report exceptions similar to the one listed below. Such exceptions do not impact application functionality, and can be ignored.

[2009-11-01T23:18:37.160-08:00] [CustomAppServer] [ERROR] []
[oracle.webcenter.concurrent.Submission] [tid: pool-1-daemon-thread-7]
[userId: Lisa] [ecid: 0000IInkaNCDsXlfwtq2T01AvcNC000013,0:3] 
[APP:TutorialApp#V2.0]caught exception removing thread context

12.1.13 Navigating in the Documents Tab in Internet Explorer 7 (Accessibility Issue)

When using only the keyboard in WebCenter Spaces in Internet Explorer 7, cursor position is not highlighted for certain buttons in the Documents tab and the Document List Viewer task flow in page edit mode. Although the cursor position indicator is not shown, the cursor focus for the button objects is correct. To work around this issue, use Internet Explorer 8 or any other supported browser like Safari 4.x or Firefox 3.x.

12.1.14 Adding Content to a Text Page in WebCenter Spaces

If the Oracle WebCenter instance is running in a native encoding, when you try to add content to a page based on the Text Page template in WebCenter Spaces, you may encounter a metadata repository error due to incorrect character length calculation. This error occurs when the calculated character length is less than or equal to 4000 bytes but the actual occupied bytes is more than 4000.

To work around this error, set the environment variable LC_ALL to utf-8 on the server on which Oracle WebCenter is deployed.

12.1.15 Installation of Oracle Content Server

You must install Oracle Content Server separately, and not from the Oracle WebCenter installer. For installation information, see the “Oracle Content Server – Installation” section in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter.

If you install Oracle Content Server from the Oracle WebCenter installer, the installation will be incomplete. Required patches and components will not be applied to the server, and certain files such as jps-config.xml will be missing.

12.1.16 Enabling WS-Security on Discussion and Announcement Connections

When you define a connection for the Discussions or Announcements service you must always enable WS-Security and configure the associated keystore/encryption details. WS-Security is not optional as documented in the online help.

To enable WS-Security on discussions server connections:

  • JDeveloper: Set forum.connection.secure to true

  • Fusion Middleware Control: Select the Connection Secured checkbox

  • WLST: Set secured to true in the WLST commands createDiscussionForumConnection and setDiscussionForumConnection

To configure WS-Security properties, specify:

  • keystore.location

  • keystore.password

  • keystore.type

  • encryption.key.alias

  • encryption.key.password

12.1.17 Uploading Multiple Files to a Document Manager Task Flow in WebCenter Spaces

To upload multiple files to a group space or personal space, you can use WebDAV or the Oracle Content Server Batch Loader utility:

  1. Go to the Document Manager task flow on a page or go to the Documents page (in a personal space or group space) where you want to upload files.

  2. If desired, create a new folder for the documents you plan to upload. In the Create Folder dialog, make note of the root folder path specified by Create Folder In.


    The root folder where your group space is stored in Oracle Content Server is /spaces/group_space_name.
  3. Choose either of the following methods for uploading files to the group space or personal space folder:

12.1.18 Installing Oracle SES

To install Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (Oracle SES):

  1. Install Oracle SES

    For information about how to install Oracle SES, refer to the Oracle Secure Enterprise Online Documentation Library 10g Release 1 ( available here on OTN:


  2. Install the Oracle SES patch set.

    To do this, download patch 7514463 from http://support.oracle.com.

  3. Install the Oracle SES XML(RSS) Connector patch set.

    To do this, download patch 8925942 from http://support.oracle.com.